Hooka Pt Park and Fred Finch Park clean up

Rise’n’Shine Clean Up Lake Illawarra 2013

When: 9am – 1pm, Sunday, 3rd November, 2013

Where: Hooka Pt Park and Fred Finch Park

Meet at: The picnic table near the Holborn St carpark NB to register, arrange groups & collect bags etc

Bring: yourself & your family members (all kids need a supervising adult with them), gloves, sturdy shoes/gumboots, hats, sunscreen, water etc. & strong wheelbarrow if you have one please

Hooka Pt and Fred Finch Parks great for sport, bike riding, fishing, a good walk, bird watching, and walking the dog, and all in a beautiful setting right on the Lake shore. The winds and tide, and even human litterers, mean there is a build up of drink bottles, food wrappers etc plus the odd supermarket trolley & car wheel. The litter accumulates particularly near the water & is very bad for the Lake. Regular cleanups of the rubbish are what we need to keep the area healthy, looking good and to show that we love it!

Hooka Pt and Fred Finch a place for Berkeleyites & Wollongong to be proud of!

Please come and help Sunday 3rd November, even if just for an hour or so.

Supported by Wollongong City Council’s Rise’n’Shine and Neighbourhood Forum 7.