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Riparian Restoration Workshop Follow Up

Thank you to everyone who participated in Landcare Illawarra’s riparian restoration workshop, and for your attention, your energy and your ideas. It’s clear that there are many people across the region who are struggling to manage urban waterways, and there’s a long way to go to create meaningful positive change.

Huge thanks to presenters Wendy Midgley, Michael Andrews, Elena Martinez, and George Takacs for their presentations, and to Liz and Gordon for showing us the challenging creek in their garden, and sharing how they have worked to prevent erosion and retain biodiversity. 

We’ll hope to get good engagement from local councils going forward, and to support constructive, evidence-based conversations with neighbours.

For now, I’ve set up a public Facebook group called ‘CreekCare Illawarra’ where we can stay in touch. Please join if you’re on Facebook:

Here are the links to the resources discussed:

Landcare Illawarra Riparian Resources, June 2024

Landcare Illawarra Riparian Plant Species Lists, June 2024

Thanks again for attending, and we look forward to further collaboration in this important area.

Emma Rooksby
Chair, Landcare Illawarra