about us

Landcare principles


To promote and participate in natural resource management and conservation through environmental stewardship, learning and community engagement.


We invite all people who love and care for the environment to participate in our programs and groups. We are part of a larger community of organisations that share our values.



We acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island owners of the land upon which we live and uphold the traditions, values, practices and knowledge of our First Nations people.


We are the overseeing body for a network of registered Landcare Illawarra groups. While some of these members are also Bushcare volunteers in the Shellharbour and Wollongong Local Government Areas, we work together and share resources and networks.

Who are we?

We’re a group of people who care for the environment, whether that be our own properties or on public land.  Individually and collectively we volunteer to improve the natural value of our land and its biodiversity, to help in large scale and small areas – coastlines, creeks, parks, agricultural land, woodlands, forests, hills and mountains.

Our aim is to limit further damage to the environment and to enable ecosystems to heal so they can provide healthy habitats supporting flora and fauna, including fertile soils.

Our practical steps to benefit the environment include bush regeneration, weed control; revegetation; stabilising riverbanks and sand dunes; collecting litter; repairing walking tracks; protecting threatened species; sustainable cropping techniques, fencing and pest control programs.


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Albion Park
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