6th Annual Berry Landcare Artfest

The 6th annual Berry Landcare Artfest will be held on the first weekend in September 2011, in the Berry School of Arts. The purpose of our Landcare Artfest is to celebrate and promote caring for our environment and to showcase and raise funds for Berry Landcare.

The theme this year is “Nature as Artist”.  There are five sections: “Photography”, “Painting” (Oil, Watercolour, Acrylic), “Open” (pastel, prints, drawings), “Installations” (includes Sculptures and Waste to Art) and “Posters” (A3 or A2 sized poster with illustrated message or slogan).

Entries must be ready to hang (with or without frame) no larger than 1metre square. There is an entry fee of $10 per entry (non refundable) and a limit of 2 entries per person. All entries must be for sale.  20% of the sale price goes as a commission to Berry Landcare. All work must be original work by the artist, relevant to the theme and completed within the last 12 months. Prize money of $100 per section will be awarded at the opening ceremony, which is at 11am on Saturday 3rd September, when all entrants and friends of Berry Landcare are encouraged to come and support Berry Landcare Artfest.

You don’t need to be a painter to enter. Photography, Installations and Posters are three of the sections that are good for those who might feel daunted about entering a drawing or painting. Look at photos you may have taken in the last 12 months and submit ones that fit our theme.

Entry forms are obtainable from Leslie Pigott, who is also interested to hear from people who would like to volunteer their help during the event. Forms are also available from Berry Landcare Site Coordinators.  Completed forms should be sent to: Berry Artfest, 35 Housten Place, Berry NSW 2535 by 24 August, 2011.  Contact Leslie Pigott at 44643241 or berrylandcare@gmail.com

Download the Flyer Here

Download the Entry Form Here