Building Best Practice Tools for Invasive Vines & Scramblers

Building Best Practice Tools for Invasive Vines & Scramblers
Asparagus weeds, Cat’s Claw and Madeira vine

Workshops are being held along the east coast of NSW to bring together experts in asparagus weed, Madeira vine and cat’s claw creeper management to identify current best practice methods for these species. This information will be collated into best practice manuals (toolboxes) to assist community groups and land managers.

  • Ballina – Tuesday 5th February 2013
  • Port Macquarie – Wednesday 6th Feb 2013
  • Nowra – Thursday 7th Feb 2013

All workshops will run from 10am to 2pm including lunch

Further information on venue location will be provided soon!

Agenda items to include:

  • Robust discussion on currently available best practice for invasive vines
  • what are the standard practices; novel techniques; identified gaps
  • pros and cons of techniques; knowledge gaps; extension gaps
  • Holistic management– whole ‘system’ rehabilitation: techniques; replacement species; knowledge gaps; extension gaps
  • What should be included in a ‘toolbox’ (e.g. manual) to best manage these weeds?
  • Summary of recent research and current available information on these species

For more information or to suggest agenda items, please contact
Hillary Cherry National Asparagus Weeds Coordinator (WoNS)
Direct: (02) 9585 6587; Mobile: 0427 104 448