Upper Escarpment and Plateau Vegetation communities

Bushcare Training Workshop

Upper Escarpment and Plateau Vegetation communities

The upper hills and sandstone cliffs of the Illawarra Escarpment contain many varied and beautiful vegetation communities. Once up on the Plateau things change, some plants appear as stunted little specimens growing in cracks along the cliff edge, while just meters back grow to their true form, large and tall.

This Sandstone environment, of high rainfall, fog and water that drains away from the coast, has an amazing diversity of plants which we will learn more about throughout this workshop.

We will learn about what makes this area so very different from down on the coastal plain and see the changes in vegetation in as little as 200m along a horizontal and vertical distance.

Leon Fuller will once again take us through the theory and give us something to think about before he takes us out on a walk around these little known parts of our local natural heritage.

Topics will include; plant identification, soil formation, fire regime, plant succession and the symbiotic relationships happening right before our eyes.

When & Where: (2x sessions)

  • Wednesday, 12 Dec 5pm – 7pm. Bellambi Bushcare Office for the theory behind the vegetation communities and their ecology.
  • Saturday, 15 Dec 9am – 12pm. Meet on Bulli Pass, park on the left just before you get to the hairpin.We will then drive up to Sublime Point after a walk around the area.

Cost: Free
What to Bring: A camera, pen and paper, water to drink, suitable shoes for walking.

If you would like to attend please call or email.
BushcareOffice – 4227 8113
Email – phellier@wollongong.nsw.gov.au