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Talking Landcare

Landcare Illawarra runs regular community information evenings covering not only Landcare issues in the Illawarra, but a range of sustainability and environmental-themed topics. Guest speakers are invited to share their knowledge and expertise covering a diversity of projects occurring in our region.

To date, Landcare Illawarra has had guest speakers from other conservation groups give presentations about regional projects, screened short films about projects other organisations are doing, and what individuals are involved in.

Some include:

Conservation Volunteers Australia

Illawarra Youth Landcare

Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority

Short films include:

Through June and July this year, Landcare Illawarra hosted a two part series of Talking Landcare events.

Part I of our two part series set the scene with the screening of US documentary “The Greenhorns”. The Greenhorns documentary film, completed after almost 3 years in production, explores the lives of America’s young farming community – its spirit, practices, and
needs. The documentary is an inspiring example of community taking the initiative to develop strategies for securing food supplies for local people.

Our guest speaker, Vanessa John, Environmental Strategy Officer for Wollongong City Council gave an overview of what local initiatives were taking place in the Illawarra over the three council areas Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama and how the community can become involved. Vanessa spoke about what was happening in local schools, community gardens, and food coops.

Part II of our series was held in Kiama and we heard from community groups who are actively delivering projects which address local food security and are providing opportunities for the wider community to either become educated or involved in local food production, or access produce from local growers.

Students from Kiama Public School who have been working with local Permaculture Gurus Aaron Sorenson and Dan Deighton to develop a sustainable food garden, gave a presentation about how the garden is producing healthy food as well as bush tucker foods for the students to eat.

Barb Kahlifa gave a presentation about how the GreenBox Food cooperative in Gerringong works and how it is providing a connection between local farmers and producers to consumers in the region. Members of the Kiama Community Garden spoke about the establishment of the garden, how the volunteers are working together to produce locally grown food, educational experiences available to home gardeners through workshops, and the development of a native food forest on the hillside adjacent to the community garden.

Tim Jackson and Jessica Taylor also gave an overview of an exciting initiative they are involved in called South Coast Food which aims to offer connection, education and marketing opportunities for all food related businesses in the South Coast region of NSW.

Food available on the evening was provided by the wonderful volunteers of Landcare Illawarra, Mullet Creek Community Garden Landcare and Kiama Community Garden.

You can find out more about these organisations here:

Wollongong City Council Grow Local: Food

Kiama Public School

Green Box Food Cooperative

Kiama Community Garden

South Coast Food